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P1000 Pads (Flat faced)
P2000 Pads (Knee rolls)


Product details and specifications:

- Box style pads made with jenpro, robocop, and cordura
- Quick change nylon upper straps, leather lower straps
- Square outside rolls keeps rebounds predictable
- Rolls are availble in 4 styles of breaks, solid, upper only, lower only , or both
- HD foams inside the ice side gussets assist sliding
- Large knee blocks with velcro and calf wedges are standard
- Internals consist of lightweight HD80, LD 45, LD24, shredded foam, and medium firm comfort foam
- All ice surfaces are covered with jenpro
- Choice of nylon or nash in the knee and shin cradles
- Stock size of 11" wide (senior)

Pads are created custom to order so contact us with your play style and special needs!



New HTV PAW logos are now available!



P1000 pads

P1000 pads - $1350
P2000 pads - $1450
plus shipping

-Payment plans are available at no extra charge
A $400 down payment is due to start work

Custom pads made to your specs
- Roller hockey pads are also available

- Save with a pads and gloves combo!

P1000 full set - $1950
P2000 full set - $2050

plus shipping


pegasus padspegasus padspegasus padspegasus pads
pegasus pads
pegasus padspegasus pads

P2000 pads
New option: Open leg channel

pegasus pads Boot strap retainer
pegasus pads Knee cradle with an angled elastic lock. Comes in narrow or wide widths
pegasus pads Jenpro boot for durability along the ice
pegasus pads Quick change nylon straps
pegasus pads Top strap can be set high or low. One or two strap setups are both available
pegasus pads
Quick change leather straps on the inside



Just a few of the available options for pads
P2000 pads
Flattened knee rolls
P2000 pads
Tapered toe

P1000 pads
Elastic strap behind the knee (no knee cradle)

P2000 pads
Double leather straps through the knee blocks

P1000 pads
All elastic strapping


Leg Pads
A solid knee and calf wing

P2000 padswholesetP1000 padspegasus padsjake in his pads

P1000 padscomboP2000 set

P2000 padsnicks padsP1000 padsP2000 pads
Pads and glove setP1000 padsBlockerP2000 pads
P2000 pads

Full custom leg pads

Leg Pads

P1000 pads with all elastic strapping
and a solid knee and calf wing

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