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I am cleaning out my room getting ready to move into the new building and I found these odds and ends pad pieces sitting in a box.
If any of these will fit your pads then you won't have to wait on them to be made! This is a quick way to get playing again if your pads are missing padding in areas you need it!

calf protection

Calf padding

You can use this padding to add protection to your leg pads or your chest and arm. You could add it to the outside edge of the pads, the inside edge, or your shoulder floaters in your chest and arm, on the ribs, on the bottom, or anywhere else you can think of! Measurements are provided to help you figure out if it will fit your needs. The squares on the photo above are 1"

Set A -

Black cordura and black jenpro on the front. Black 420 nylon on the back.
A jenpro tab on the bottom bend (strap tab) and holes are punched along the inside edge which could be used to install them.
1/2" thick LD45 inside.
Approx size 5" wide (at the narrow section) x 16" long

Set B -

SOLD - No longer available

Set C -
Black cordura on the front. Black 420 nylon on the back.
1/4" HD80 and 3/8 " thick LD45 inside.
Approx size 5.5" - 4.5" wide (at the narrow section) x 14.5" long
These have a slight taper to them.

Set A - $30 per set shipped anywhere in the USA

Set B - SOLD

Set C - $35 shipped anywhere in the USA


Half square foot sized peel and stick rubatex sheets
1/2" - $7.50 each
3/8" - $6.50 each
1/4" - $5.50 each
1/8" - $5 each
plus shipping


skate pad

Skaters ankle pad with an elastic strap

Cordura nylon outside with velcro
420 nylon on the backside
Paw logo set on jenpro
1/2" LD45 and plastic construction

$30 shipped anywhere in the USA

paw shirt
paw shirt
Click image for a closeup of artwork
Paw logo T shirt - only one left!
This design is retired so pick it up now!
XXL shirt - $17 plus shipping
Color: Navy blue
Sizes currently available: XXL

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